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can Suzy please tweet already?

can Suzy please create Instagram acc and post selcas/selfies there? (yes, she doesn’t have IG, you fools)

can missA please announce their next tour date and destination coz i’m an impatient bastard? I know it will be on China or Taiwan or both but I want confirmation, it gives me anxiety I dunno why ><

I have a feeling she already have film projects lined up, can she please announce it? or at least give a hint? a tease? whatever it is? TT TT

but i understand she’s very busy rn, she’s always spotted filming something or doing photoshoots.. I just miss her **cries in the corner

I just hope when she has freetime she can spend it w/ her fam coz lately, she seemed down eventho she’s smiling

ugh.. why am i getting overly emotional though? Is it because of this cold weather(Dear Queen Elsa, the cold is bothering me) or is it because HIMYM is ending soon?


wow, I’m seeing a lot of Wooyoung-Suzy duet requests on the comments section(JYP New Year Party)

and they’re saying it’s because their short duet in Dream High was really good. I AGREE :D 

i feel ya…

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how I work out&#8230; xD
same Suzy.. same :3

how I work out… xD

same Suzy.. same :3

Suzy's sunbae actress Shin Eun Kyung clarifies her point of view


Shin Eun Kyung is the sunbae actress that netizens captured in the screencaps during Suzy’s speech, saying that she had a displeased look.

"I watched the broadcast afterwards and I was absolutely not looking at her in a displeased way. I was a bit tired because I hadn’t gotten enough sleep due to…

Verified fanaccounts at MBC Drama Awards


Posted by Eden. on Suzy Gallery

I’m from a different fandom but. I went to the drama awards today and Suzy gave me a hot pack..

I was backstage standing by myself and Suzy was there and so I was in the back, admiring her and then she was like “it’s cold, right?” and gave me the hot…


this version is soooo fab & sexy I cannot….




I want to hear this live ♬♬(◦’⌣’◦)♬♬